• [Beer & bottle cocktail]

    • Asahi Super Dry beer

      500 yen (excluding tax)

    • corona

      650 yen (excluding tax)

    • ZIMA

      500 yen (excluding tax)

    • Non-alcoholic dry ZERO

      400 yen (excluding tax)

  • [Via cocktail]

    • Shandygaff / Red Eye

      Each 500 yen (excluding tax)

    • Kashisubia / Docks nose

      Each 550 yen (excluding tax)

  • 【sour】

    • Lemon Zhuhai / lime Zhuhai

      Each 450 yen (excluding tax)

    • Calpis Zhuhai / citron Zhuhai

      Each 480 yen (excluding tax)

  • 【plum wine】

    • Kishu southern high plum wine

      500 yen (excluding tax)

  • [Shochu]

    • Wheat / potato

      Each 500 yen (excluding tax)

  • 【Whisky】

    • Tris (highball Coke highball Ginger highball)

      Each 500 yen (excluding tax)

    • Jim Beam (highball Coke highball Ginger highball)

      Each 500 yen (excluding tax)

    • Mega highball

      1000 yen (excluding tax)

    • Harper

      600 yen (excluding tax)

    • Wild turkey

      650 yen (excluding tax)

  • 【Cocktail】

    • Gin (tonic-back Fizz, Ricky lime) / Orange Blossom

      Each 500 yen (excluding tax)

    • Vodka (Tonic Ricky) / Moscow Mule / Salty Dock / bulldog

      Each 500 yen (excluding tax)

    • Lamb (tonic-back Ricky)

      Each 500 yen (excluding tax)

    • Tequila (tonic-back Sunrise)

      Each 500 yen (excluding tax)

    • Cassis (Orange Pine grapefruit soda, ginger ale)

      Each 500 yen (excluding tax)

    • Peach (Pine grapefruit soda Fizz Ginger) / Fuzzy Navel / Regepanchi

      Each 500 yen (excluding tax)

    • Yogis (Pine-Orange Ginger soda, milk)

      Each 500 yen (excluding tax)

    • Mango (Orange Pine grapefruit, milk)

      Each 500 yen (excluding tax)

    • Malibu (Cork, orange, grapefruit Pine milk)

      Each 500 yen (excluding tax)

    • Passhimo (Orange Pine grapefruit Ginger soda)

      Each 500 yen (excluding tax)

    • Kahlua (milk, soda, Oolong Orange Ricky) / Black Lucian / Smith & Uesson

      Each 500 yen (excluding tax)

  • [Homemade sangria]

    • Homemade sangria (Glass decanter)

      700 yen / 2,500 yen (excluding tax)

  • [White wine glass]

    • Freude Rheinhessen Kabinett [Germany somewhat sweet]

      500 yen (excluding tax)

      Charming slightly sweet wine refreshing taste.Delicate and fruity flavor, spread to fill the middle of the mouth.

    • Jean Claude trout white [France] Dry

      500 yen (excluding tax)

      Fresh scent of citrus is spread to full mouth, gentle throat and acidity with a rounded.

    • Saberri Torebiano [Italy Dry]

      500 yen (excluding tax)

      Lively aromas.Pleasant taste white wine adds minerals to plump fruit.

    • Fair Valley Chenin Blanc [Dry South Africa]

      600 yen (excluding tax)

      Fragrance and popping wine with texture, such as pear and tropical fruit.

    • Nugan third generation Chardonnay [Australia dry]

      600 yen (excluding tax)

      White peach and nectarine, nuts and vanilla nuances.Smooth acidity while rich in freshness.

  • [Red wine glass]

    • Del Sur Carmenere [Chile, Medium]

      500 yen (excluding tax)

      Natural blackberry and prune flavors in spices, have a sweet chocolate fragrance.

    • Dragon [Spain, Medium]

      500 yen (excluding tax)

      There is a rich fruit aroma of a mellow.The balance is nice and long and of harmonious finish.

    • Foundstone Cabernet Sauvignon [Australia, full body]

      500 yen (excluding tax)

      Dark cherry and dark plum, has the aroma of blackberry.Oak incense also pleasant, there is a complex taste and rich.

    • Karuvison Merlot [France, full body]

      600 yen (excluding tax)

      Mellow red-based fruit aroma, fruit with the impact.It supports the body and elegant tannins was plump.

    • Verdi Naru Schiller [Spain, full body]

      600 yen (excluding tax)

      It may be the balance between acidity and tannins, strong a drink Gotae excellent red wine of the wall thickness.

  • [Wine-based cocktail]

    • Spritzer / Kiel / operator

      Each 500 yen (excluding tax)

    • Kitty / Cardinal / Karimocho

      Each 500 yen (excluding tax)

  • [Sparkling bottle]

    • Opera Brew 200ml (Bebi - bottle)

      1400 yen (excluding tax)

      [France] dry fresh crisp authentic sparkling.

    • Bole Darumorikku de (full bottle)

      2600 yen (excluding tax)

      [France] sweet sweet little less than effervescent sparkling alcohol content is only 2%.

    • Barudibieso Brut (full bottle / half bottle)

      2800 yen / 1800 yen (excluding tax)

      [Chile Dry] Chile No.1 sparkling.Colorful and firm acid is characterized.

    • Antonini Chereza Gurera spumante (full bottle)

      3000 yen (excluding tax)

      [Italy Dry] fruity Minerari, refreshing sparkling.

    • Divonne Brut Reserve (full bottle)

      3300 yen (excluding tax)

      [Spain] Dry very delicate, fresh.Ai mixed flavor born by aging, to form a perfect balance.

    • Barudibieso Extra Brut (full bottle)

      3800 yen (excluding tax)

      [Chile dry] fresh lime and slightly spread toast incense and green apple aromas pleasant.

    • Domaine di Lawrence Clement de Limoux Guremunosu (full bottle)

      5000 yen (excluding tax)

      [France] Dry wineries original Champagne producers launched in Limoux.The best of fresh style to the aperitif.

  • [White wine bottle]

    • Freude Rheinhessen Auslese (full bottle)

      2500 yen (excluding tax)

      It is a sweet wine of the soft palate in the [German] sweet light.

    • Kosecha Chardonnay (full body)

      2500 yen (excluding tax)

      [Chile dry] ripe fruit aroma.A soft mouth feel.

    • G's eye Hoven (full bottle)

      2500 yen (excluding tax)

      [Spain] Dry refreshing and smooth white wine.

    • Les Tan'nu Occitanian Sauvignon Blanc (full bottle)

      2500 yen (excluding tax)

      [France] Dry fresh scent.It is the taste and refreshing.

    • Konosuru Riesling Reseruva (full bottle)

      2600 yen (excluding tax)

      [Chile Dry] lemon and lime citrus scent.Soft fruit of citrus.

    • Torres Sangre de Toro white (full bottle / half bottle)

      3600 yen / 2000 yen (excluding tax)

      [Spain] Dry apple and peach fruity aroma and citrus scent of features.

    • Borgo Pinogurijo (full bottle)

      3800 yen (excluding tax)

      [Italy Dry] pear and musk, refreshing to the gorgeous scent of white flowers.

    • Barudibieso Chardonnay Gran Reserva (full bottle)

      3600 yen (excluding tax)

      [Chile Dry] pineapple and lemon rind, impressive grapefruit incense.

    • Torres Vigna Esmeralda (full bottle)

      3800 yen (excluding tax)

      [Spain somewhat dry] fruity taste fresh.

    • Ol set Oro pecorino (full bottle)

      4800 yen (excluding tax)

      [Italy Dry] refreshing scent and sweet chillin with the scent.There is a body.

  • [Red wine bottle]

    • Kosecha Cabernet Sauvignon (full bottle)

      2500 yen (excluding tax)

      [Chile, Medium] ripe fruit aroma.It is well-balanced soft spout.

    • G Tempranillo Hoven (full bottle)

      2500 yen (excluding tax)

      [Spain, Medium] is a delicate tannin drink easy wine and condensed sense of the firm.

    • Karraia Arianiko (full bottle)

      2500 yen (excluding tax)

      Wine drinking a meet taste [Italy, medium-bodied] firm tannins.

    • Farnese Montepulciano (full bottle / half bottle)

      2900 yen / 2000 yen (excluding tax)

      [Italy, medium-bodied] anyone friendliest taste of red wine.

    • Torres Sangre de Toro red (full bottle / half bottle)

      3600 yen / 2000 yen (excluding tax)

      [Spain, medium-bodied] glamorous and mellow red wine.

    • Zinfandel di Manduria (full bottle)

      3600 yen (excluding tax)

      [Italy, full body] smooth mouthfeel, strong high-quality taste.

    • Farerunia Carmenere Reserva (full bottle)

      3600 yen (excluding tax)

      [Chile, full body] rich, fruit plenty of full-body.

    • Fanhiru Quattro Mesesu (full bottle)

      3800 yen (excluding tax)

      [Spain, full body] wine rich fruit feeling can enjoy.

    • Conference Ultra Cabernet Sauvignon (full bottle)

      5000 yen (excluding tax)

      [Argentina, full body] elegant aroma with a complex flavor, the fruit with a smoothness and condensation feeling superb.

    • Chateau Les Trois Croix (full bottle)

      7000 yen (excluding tax)

      [France, full-bodied wine] the original brewing length of Chateau Mouton is build.Powerful and elegant.

  • 【Soft drink】

    • Orange juice / pineapple juice / grapefruit juice / Calpis / Calpis soda

      Each 400 yen (excluding tax)

    • Coca-Cola / ginger ale / tonic water / carbonated water / oolong

      Each 400 yen (excluding tax)

  • [Coffee] class

    • Coffee / espresso / tea (lemon, milk)

      Each 400 yen (excluding tax)

    • Cappuccino / cafe au lait / Royal milk tea

      Each 500 yen (excluding tax)